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About Us


Crystal Smith

 Editor and Creator

"I created InJoy Magazine with the idea that real women (like us) needed more to read than negative and unfulfilling mainstream media."

Writing has always been a lifestyle for me, and through this platform we can express the issues we're passionate about in our own creative way. 

I'm a mother of two fun boys, and a member of the DC Air National Guard. 


Chelsea Harrison

Lead Contributor

Chelsea's articles always bring out the best in people. Her column, "Small Deeds, Great Love" encourage us a a community to give back in small ways with immeasurable impacts. 

Chelsea is an English teacher and mom of three. 


La-Anna Douglas

Mrs. La-Anna Douglas has been sharing her Journey, from Hatred to Hope, for over 4 years. She has overcome being bullied because of the color of her skin & sexually abused. La-Anna also endured many years of low self esteem, depression, infertility and suicidal thoughts. But her faith in God kept her from giving up on herself. 

She has been married to the Love of her life, Tim, for 15 years. She is so proud to say that they are parents to a miracle 6 year old daughter by God’s Grace. La-Anna created the brand HopeStillStands to inspire others to never lose Hope. She is now a Motivational Speaker, Writer, Model, Story Teller & Mentor. She has been published in magazines and been featured on radio stations as well as podcasts.  


Angelique C. Mosley

 I’m 46 years old, a born again Christian, lover of cartoons, movies and good one liners. I’m a wife and mom. I’m passionate about my relationship with Jesus, and the issues that concern me, my family and women like me. 

I love a good laugh, a sarcastic quip and Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream. (Man that stuff is AWESOME!!). I love going for a drive on a perfect day. Said day consists of blue skies, sunshine, a light breeze and smooth jazz on the radio. I love spending time with my family and when I’m feeling down hugs from my kids or husband and those forehead kisses are awesome.

I love to write and firmly believe said talent is a gift from God. I’m outspoken, extroverted, funny and thoughtful. I’m also a middle child who isn’t the least bit scared to address the elephant in the room.

I’m on a journey with this writing thing and I’m looking forward to seeing where the good Lord takes me. I hope you are too.


Dana Swoyer


Dana Swoyer discovered her writing interests in the fifth grade when she wrote a poem, “What is Spring”. The poem was an assignment that was published in the local newspaper. Small but significant, that publication was the catalyst that encouraged her to write from that day forward. Later in life, she suddenly found herself a single mother of two. To make ends meet, she put her writing dreams on the back burner and earned her degree as a Licensed Radiographer in 1992. In 2002, she also earned credentials as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is forever grateful that these careers provided a means for her to support her family, and she maintains licensure in both professions. 

Now an empty nester, Dana is more passionate about writing than ever before. She skillfully accommodates any genre, but her favorite material often has a cheeky humor that brings any circumstance to the bright side of the road. She writes with truth and grit, often leaving her readers wondering if they just read a story about themselves. That is her intention. 

She enjoys life with her husband and long time companion Jeff at their home in Ipswich, Massachusetts. When she isn’t writing, she can be found sitting at her potter’s wheel, painting, gardening, or combing the shores of New England, gathering treasures and inspiration.


Gabrielle Miner

  My name is Gabrielle. I am a Mom O Many with a love for crafting, natural care, and expanding the horizons. Between homeschooling and repeatedly giving snacks to my toddlers, I make time to tend to my hobby of creating through sewing. I also have always had an outlet through writing. I remember making up a song in my head as a young child staring at the night sky out the car window. Words have always formed poems. This was to my adolescence, teen and young adult years as sewing is to me today. However, I do still love to let words flow out to form a poem or otherwise. I have the great honor of having ours truly as my sister in love, who happened to create this inspiring magazine that I get to be a part of by absorbing from those who share AND adding to the content.