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Issues are published quarterly on the 1st day of these months





Submission Due Dates

 All submissions for consideration are due by the 10th the month prior to publication. They are: 

July 10th for August's issue

October 10th for November's issue

January 10th for February's issue

April 10th for May's issue

Themed issues

Every publication focuses on a particular theme. Therefore, all articles, poetry, stories and lessons must tie in to the  theme which can be found on the home page for upcoming issues

Recommended Word Count

Poetry - Any

Articles - 200 to 1000

How-To - 100 to 1000

Short Stories - 500 to 2000

Reviews - 50 to 250


Yes! We also accept professional and amateur photographs in jpeg or PDF. Please send all credits of photographer and location. 

Writers rights and payments

You, as the artist, keeps ownership and copyright for your own work. We do not, and never will, ask for all rights to your work. We are to one-time publish your work (typically called First Serial Rights).

At this time, we are not offering payment for articles or photographs at this time. However, this will be a great venue for seeing your work in print and adding to your credentials. We would ask that you also help us grow by showing off your work to those close to you.

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